December 20th, 2009

Voodoo Dolly
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Looking for Artists and Writers and Reviewers

Grimoire #7 is out.  In this magazine, I talk a bit about the Story Point System (which is what Fox Magic uses), and a few other things.  This is the first time the magazine has been open for submissions, rather than just being a house organ.  We're looking for artists, authors, writers, and reviewers for Grimoire #8, so if you'd like to publish any of your work in this magazine, please contact Kevin or Myself for details.
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The new Doctor Who RPG

Hey, I noticed that a new Doctor Who RPG has just been released by Cubicle 7. I assume they must have a good reputation to work on this sort of property, but £35 seems a lot to shell out without knowing much about the system. Has anyone played it yet? What's it like?