December 19th, 2009


Tweaking an NPC and a dungeon.

As a follow up to this post, the subsequent encounter that followed was on board a ship with a total of 10 ghouls vs. the PC and his NPC allies.

The encounter proved pretty easy, with the ghouls barely scratching into the HP of the hero. The ghouls appeared in two waves, 6 that were topdeck on the ship and four more that joined later after the ruckus started. The fighting arena was big enough to maneuver so that he was only ever facing 3-4 ghouls at a time, while his NPC buddies worked ranged weapons from a distance.

With the benefit of a Protection from Evil spell, the main Hero enjoyed, for the majority of the combat an AC well into the negatives that the ghouls could only touch on a 20 anyways. The ghouls made up for this shortcoming a bit by having three attacks each, but they only connected two or three times, did minimal damage, and the hero saved against the paralysis.

I suppose the danger of him failing the saving throw vs paralysis was the biggest threat, but we're using action die in the game, so a failed roll could be modified, if need be.

Now, in the next session he'll be entering a dungeon, and will have the companion of one NPC ally rather than the two bards that were tailing him before. I'm trying to figure out the approximate level and strength of this NPC so that the hero is still, well, the Hero, but can have a powerful ally that makes up for his shortcomings.

So, the Hero is a fighter (see original post linked above for stats)... I think a Cleric would be best so he has a healer and a pretty decent ally in combat (good combat values, hp, and AC). Now what I'm trying to work out is level and magical buffs. Suggestions?