December 10th, 2009

Swords Replace Feelings
  • perich

Greg Stolze's REIGN - Digest-Sized Edition Collecting Pledges!

If you've heard about Greg Stolze's fantasy RPG REIGN and have wanted to check it out for cheap, your chance has come!

Arc Dream publishing is collecting pre-orders for a digest-sized paperback of the REIGN rules, called the REIGN Enchirodon.

A $15 pledge gets you a sharp little paperback mailed to your house, along with a free copy of the rules via PDF. Just want the PDF? That's only $10.

You can secure a pre-order via Kickstarter. The pre-order's almost full, though; Arc Dream is only collecting pledges for another 8 days and only taking another $1400 in orders.

If you're not familiar with the crazy cleverness of REIGN, Greg Stolze, or the One Roll Engine (ORE), then check out Stolze's REIGN website or some of the reviews.

(And, yes, I'm in for $15)