December 4th, 2009



So, I'm running a home brew game as the GM. I'm doing it through a forum, just so everyone can participate when they have time. We established a posting order and bla bla bla.

Anyway, I'm having trouble with one of my players.

He's one of my best friends, but he just doesn't seem good at role playing. The problem is that he doesn't know he's bad. (He doesn't think he's amazing, but he's unaware how bad he is). Now, it's not inherently awful. I'm looking for a nice way to suggest improvements to him.

Myself and the other players dislike his writing style (which isn't so much bad RPing), he asks dumb questions despite his intelligence score (it's to high for that). And it generally doesn't seem like he's paying attention. (He refers to someone as a "kind lady", after she tells a god to get his panties out of a bunch. ("[...] now please get your undergarments unwadded.") Said lady also openly insults him. Am I missing the nice here? He didn't make any indication that it was sarcastic, nor had his character used scarcasm before.

I'm not posting this in BRPS because I actually am looking for advice on how to deal with a player (and not just slog him, despite what I may have written).

Quick question

Anyone in this community play Mage: the Awakening and have a copy of the ST screen?

I'd just like to know what stuff is summarized on it, and if it's worth buying for a game. Will it cut down on the book references during game enough?