December 2nd, 2009



My boyfriend is running me a solo D&D game. However, we're starting to have issues deciding which system to run the game in. He's been using 4e, but recently he picked up Pathfinder and thinks he might prefer using that.

I want it to stay in 4e. We created a lot of house-rules and homebrew stuff to keep up with the whims of the story and I'm not certain I can really convert my character in a way I'll be happy with. I was also really looking forward to picking a paragon path and eventually an epic destiny. Besides that, my introduction to 3.5 was pretty crappy. I played for a year with a very unpleasant group, and through them I became intimately acquainted with the flaws and pitfalls of that system. I don't mind playing 3.x with a group of friends, but if I'm by myself I'm not sure I'll be able to look past those limitations and irritations.

My boyfriend doesn't mind 4e for groups, but for this solo game he wants to switch to Pathfinder. He played 3.5 for several years and feels very comfortable with the basics of the system. He also says it would be easier for him to create combat encounters this way, and we could get through the fights faster.

Anyway, I'm of course giving Pathfinder a shot before we come to a decision so our next five sessions will be in that system. I'm worried that at the end of this trial run we'll both feel exactly the same as we do now, though, and I'm not sure what do to then. It doesn't seem fair to force my boyfriend into using a system he's not comfortable with, but it's also not fair to force me to play in a system I'm not happy with.

Should I just give in and let him run the game in the system he wants? After all, he's doing more work creating the adventures and keeping up with my whims, so maybe I should just be grateful he's running game at all. Maybe I should just start pushing houserules for Pathfinder that would make me happier, or thinking up ways to make 4e combat easier for my boyfriend to run? I'm really not certain what a good compromise would be for this situation.
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