November 26th, 2009

Voodoo Dolly
  • tashiro

M&M Question

For those who play Mutants and Masterminds, I've a question -- your character has a sidekick.  This sidekick is a disembodied AI program.  It has no one 'computer' for itself, it basically drifts on the internet / cyberspace, and hacks into various hardware to see the physical world and communicate with the hero (through use of the Illusion Power or Telepathy).

Now, ignoring Illusion / Telepathy, how would you build this sidekick?

It can't be a device, since it doesn't have a physical body (and thus can't be taken away).  It can't be a Variable Power Pool, since it can't be negated, and can be interacted with by other people when your Hero isn't around.  It doesn't have a STR, DEX, or CON, since it has no body.  Toughness Saves don't really affect it, itself, only the objects it happens to be possessing at the time.  It, itself, has no Toughness Score.

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