November 5th, 2009

Ethics in the Underdark

I'm playing a cleric of Tyr in the underdark, she's a slave--which has been pretty harrowing, but she's doing her best to keep her alignment and whatever good she can.   Yeah, I know-- she's probably going to die horribly, but it's pretty cool right now.  At the moment she's alive, and unsurprisingly stuck with a moral challenge:

The cleric of Tyr has been traded to some slavers.

One of the slavers, a drow NPC who seems actually pretty decent, offered her to protect her from The Sisters.   Who I'm guessing are probably some kind of cleric of Lloth.   This would require sleeping with him, as the Sisters find those who have been 'tainted' by a lowly male unsuitable.    He would otherwise not be interested in sleeping with a human. 

So...what should she do? 

   She is a chaste (and currently celibate by perference) widow.   The cleric is by all standards rather chivalrous and a 'nice girl', sleeping with a stranger is something she would not do on her own.   It's not that she considers it evil, but perhaps a more respectful and honorable choice.

Of course she'd rather not be at the mercy of these Sisters, her death in these circumstances would probably not serve Tyr particularly well. 

  I don't think that Tyr would abandon her with either decision(1).