October 29th, 2009

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Control and Super Heroes

So, I'm in a M&M campaign, and I don't think our playing group is having much fun with it.  The game master, I feel is trying too hard to 'control' the game.  It isn't exactly rail-roading, but more that he gets upset if things aren't going in the direction he wants.

Our first session, we're in the super hero base, and this guy we don't know reaches out to grab the Time Traveller PC to give a prophesy.  We don't know the guy from Adam, but strange insane people trying to grab you is usually a bad thing, so our Brick decided to interpose to protect the Time Traveller.  The GM got really upset about this, and the session was stalled for about ten minutes as he argued with the player.

Later on, we're dealing with someone having summoned a thing from another dimension.  Our Time Traveller tried to look into the past to identify who did it.  So, the bad guy seems to have noticed this, and set up a spell to stymie it.  (The bad guy actually looked at the Time Traveller, through time).  Not to be outdone, we dropped my character into the past to watch from a distance and get a good look at the bad guy.

In the same session, we encountered the 'thing', who while we 'stood and watched', picked up a bear cub, and sucked the essence out of it.  Any of us had the means to stop this, but he made the presumption we'd stand and watch.  The Brick's player was fairly upset about having his actions decided for him, so when the GM called for Init, he asked 'so what do I do?'  Fortunately (though I had stepped out briefly at this point), the GM decided to rewind and let us actually do the heroic thing.

So, tonight, we're facing a ghost.  The Fae has a sword which can hit intangible (and extra-dimensional) targets.  For some reason it has been decided the sword is a 'danger' to creation because of this.  Anyway, the Fae also has True Sight, and the GM apparently wasn't pleased with that, and when the Fae decided to intercept the ghost's escape with the sword, the GM used fiat to have the ghost get by anyway.

We encountered the Necromancer who summoned the ghost (the bad guy for this encounter), and stymied him.  I tried to read his mind to learn what he knew and what he's done, and the GM had him passing every Will roll to resist.  Fortunately, the PCs knocked him out, and with that it wasn't a problem, but the GM wound up being ticked that I persisted and got the information I wanted from him after he was KO'd.

At the wind-down, my character, a Vigilante, was having a discussion with the characters about whether or not it is right to kill an enemy who would use lethal force.  This was mostly a discussion of philosophy, as my character sees nothing wrong with killing the 'enemy', but the PCs are against it.  It was a pretty deep discussion, involving honour, what is 'right' versus what is 'easy', and so forth, but the GM had an NPC step in and 'lay down the law', effectively ending the discussion.


Now, don't get me wrong.  The GM is fairly creative, and I've had a number of fun sessions, but I really think he's got some control issues here.  In essence, it seems 'don't use your powers except for how I want you to', and even more so I think he's against information-gathering powers.  This is only going to escalate -- my character has a combination of psychic abilities and martial arts, but since almost all of our encounters are against supernaturals, and those my character can't just fight, I've had to put my character's points into his telepathic abilities, making him even better at information gathering.  (Postcognition + Mind Reading + Telepresence -- he can look into the past, and sense who was there, and get their surface thoughts).

Is there a point to this?  Well, not entirely.  I wanted to get this off my chest, but I'm also curious about what other people think.  How much control should a game master have over the use of a person's powers -- especially if the game master cleared their being taken?  Should a game master decide (perhaps arbitrarily) to impose restrictions on a power that the player hadn't given it?  (Like the faerie sword, or in the case of our Time Traveller).

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World of Darkness

I've been trying to find a bibliography for all the world of darkness books, specficially it would be great to have a list of the novels and short story collections by date they were published. I haven't found any online. The Whitewolf website, unless i'm very inept, seems quite lacking. The wiki page doesn't have what i need and google hasn't helped. I want a list of the books as far back as when they first started publishing fiction(not the gaming books).

Any help?
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