October 15th, 2009

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RPG Review Issue 5 Released

RPG Review has just released its 5th edition.

This starts with a fascinating legal debate over our use of 'Young Gods' as the title of an article in the last issue (I'm sure some readers will love to get their teeth into this one)*, industry news from Mingshi, an interview and artworks by Dan 'Smif' Smith, a review of the New Worlds of Darkness series plus a scenario for the same, a retrospective review of Swordbearer and Heroes of Olympus plus a scenario for both game systems based on the Odyssey, a GURPS Transhumanists plus Time Travellers campaign, languages in GURPS, travel and transport in Paranoia, reliance on NPCs, Metagaming, Anachronisms and Diegesis, a review of Fallout 3, a review of the movie District 9, and, of course, advice and help from Lord Orcus himself!

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If you're feeling particularly brave, you may even wish to contribute!

In addition we offer some free space for clubs and groups who wish to advertise their presence on the site:

* I've been told this has been followed up on Bleeding Cool.
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Rifts noob

So I've been invited to play Rifts; a game which I have absolutely no experience or familiarity. From the summary I've read it sounds right up my ally. (I love tech/magic mish-mashes and multiverses) I am reading "Rifts Ultimate Edition" (the main sourcebook, I assume), but my question is this:

Is there any info not readily apparent in that book that I should know going into the game? You know, stuff longtime players "just know" about the setting/rules that people going into it are generally clueless about. I'd really appreciate any tips or tidbits people could provide.

EDIT: To clarify, I have played roleplaying games before (mostly dnd 3.5), but not rifts.