September 11th, 2009

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A System for Battle Suits.

Can someone name me a system or game in which there's decent support/rules/things for a pilot and a battle-suit thing, like a Gundam, Mecha or EVA-like thing? Where you got a pilot, with his skills, and then the suit, which is a bigger thing of skills, or whatever.

Hard mode: No tri-stat.
Nightmare mode: No GURPS.

I only know D&D and a vague understanding of the Storyteller System. ( -_-), any help would be useful.

Book sale

Sometimes, there is a sad event in a gamer's life where money is more important than gaming books. I have hit upon those times.

So, I'm looking to the gaming community here; better that they go to someone who will appreciate and use them. I've got some oWoD books, some D&D 3/3.5 books, and a couple of other treasures. Shoot me a message if you're interested, I can give you a better list and we can discuss price.

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Gaming Books, Pt. III

Am I annoying yet? Sorry! One last lj post on the matter for now: Everyone who sent me a message about the books should have gotten a response, either via email or LJ message.

If you contacted me and don't receive the list after a couple of days, try contacting me again through my email addy (, as it's a lot easier for me to send out a mass reply via that than using the LJ message system.

Once again, thanks! I promise to shut up now.