September 9th, 2009

Voodoo Dolly
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Best line to end a session with:

From my online nWoD campaign.  :)  The PCs are watching some kid (who had been missing a few days ago) standing outside his girlfriend's dorm window at 2 am.  Some of the PCs are confronting him, and he's threatened them with death if they don't leave.

One of the PCs notices something and calls out...

Jack!  Don't let his shadow touch yours!

I think that's perfect.  :)

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I'm giving away a Changeling book.

Howdy, roleplayers!

I happen to have picked up an extra copy of Grim Fears and I'd like to give it away. I started a contest at RPGnet for that very purpose, so if you'd like a free gaming book then please share some of your favorite Changeling material with us.

Just thought I'd mention it, as I'd like to make the contest as open as possible and there sure are a lot of creative folk in this group.
  • rayston

RandomCon Convention in Phoenix Arizona

Gaming Convention

We are proud to bring the Arizona public 'mainstream' games as well as 'indie' games.

We are striving to provide you with a fun and friendly gaming environment for everyone involved.

There will be all sorts of games, RPG's, Card Games, Board Games, Video Games etc. etc. etc.

July 9th-11th 2010

contact me at
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