August 25th, 2009

Age of Innocence
  • calysto

Hysterical to anyone who played D&D from the beginning

I play in a Mystara campaign group. We recently started playing a set of old characters we hadn't played in many years. Generally, in our campaign, I am known for two things:
  1. I usually play chivalrous, good-natured heroes
  2. I write detailed, full histories of my characters.
My character in the old group, a benevolent cleric named Jeanette, didn't have such a back-story yet. I usually come up with good ones so I said I would write one for her. And I will. But for now, instead, I wrote a fake back-story which I'm going to present as legit. If I can keep a straight face long enough.

The following story will be read at our next session:

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  • tcpip

Not to be taken seriously :)

Facing opposition on both sides of the aisle, President Obama proposed new measures for his health care plan to court the geek population's support for the issue.

In the plan, citizens facing end of life issues would meet with the "Death Master" to determine if their health care insurance will cover their treatment. The "Death Master" will conduct a complete health history and determine roll modifiers. For example, a smoker would get a -3 to their roll, while a fit person would get a +2.

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