August 12th, 2009

  • jkahane

Reminder: HEX Game at The Comic Book Shoppe, August 15th

Just a reminder for folks...

For those who are not going to GenCon, I will be running a 4-hour Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) game at The Comic Book Shoppe location in Ottawa's West End this Saturday, August 15th, 2009, at 1:00 pm. The game will handle up to 8 players, and the scenario is detailed below.

The Lost City of Crystal Graveyards
Game System: Hollow Earth Expedition
Number of Players: Up to 8
Description: The members of an expedition stranded in a primordial world travel on a mission of mercy and discover nothing less than a city of myth and legend itself! Can your characters uncover a dangerous heretical artifact, or will they all die a horrible death in the Crystal Graveyard? More importantly, will they be able to determine its rightful owners?

The store is located at

The Comic Book Shoppe
1400 Clyde Avenue
Nepean, Ontario
Canada K2G 3J2

The telephone number for the store is (613) 228-8386.

You can also e-mail the folks there at

Please tell 'em I sent you. :) The more folks who ask to have a seat reserved for them for the game, the better. For those not going to GenCon and who live in or near the Ottawa area, this is your chance to get in some HEX gaming and and fun for those who won't be at GenCon Indy. Look forward to seeing folks there for the game.
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