August 4th, 2009

absinthe fairy

Changeling: The Lost

My husband and I have been invited by an acquaintance to play a day long oneshot Changeling game. We've never played any White Wolf or World of Darkness games ever, really the only pen and paper game we play is D&D.
I'm NOT looking for illegal copies of books but I was wondering if there are any web sites similar to the D20 SRD or something that offer a bit of a rundown on the game, its play-style and how it compares to D&D.
I've read through the Wikipedia entry on WoD and Changeling and have a vague sense of the world but so far it seems really complicated and I'm concerned about our ability to quickly create characters and jump into a setting.
I do get the feeling that my familiarity with fairy and folk tales and Gaelic and Norse history and mythology is going to helpful though :P
The gentleman running the session is fairly patient and friendly but I always prefer to be prepared whenever possible. He is aware that we've never played WoD.
Any help, tips, or suggestions?