August 3rd, 2009


A new skill for d20 games

Reverie: enter the Dreaming…


A new skill for d20 fantasy games by Keith Savage


Reverie (Wisdom, can be used untrained)

Reverie is a special skill specific to my own campaign setting, the World of Arduin Urth. It is the very mystical ability to control one’s own dreams, to enter a mental dream world which reflects all things in waking life, a dream world common to all Dreamers, an amorphous place where skillful Dreamers can construct almost any fancy. If the Astral Plane is the absence of almost everything, then the Dreaming is its opposite, a world with the potential for everything. Yet if the dream-world’s potential is unlimited, its stability is almost non-existent. Things shift constantly, everywhere in the Dreaming. The more ephemeral a thing in the material world is, the more likely its reflection in the dream-world is to change. Time itself seems to alter, dilating to what seems decades in minutes, or contracting to only moments while hours actually pass. Only things with a long, unchanging material existence tend to remain stable in the Dreaming. For example, a Dreamer may dream-walk looking for the reflection of the local tavern, but finds only the massive oak tree that was cut down to build the tavern. While its lifetime might seem a long time to humans, the tavern’s 30 years of existence is nothing to the oak’s 300!  


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