July 20th, 2009

Age of Innocence

Twisted Ingenuity

Our D&D campaign met yesterday. Our characters were sneaking around hundreds of miles behind enemy lines in an area frequently patrolled by enemy guards. We had a cover story but occasionally had to deal with guards who discovered us. We had a problem hiding the bodies of the guards we had to kill so that they weren't discovered.

We came up with a twisted way to do so.

Kill the guards, cast animate dead, then have the cleric dispel the resulting zombies.

*poof* nothing to hide but a pile of dust. :)
D4 In Motion

Question about campaigning.


I recently joined a DnD 3.5 campaign (originally) consisting of 6 people, which has now grown to a huge party of 10+ players! The setting is interesting because all of the characters are monstrous/non-standard races and everything that is not human (or in the PHB) is not tolerated. Generally jail time is required and most of the people jailed don’t survive too long as they are made to duel it out in arena for the entertainment of the public.


            While running a game with 10+ people is possible, our DM didn’t want to deal with it. She decided to split the group in two. Two separate days for the two ‘new’ campaigns (Good and Evil). She was also having trouble keeping her players in check (myself included) from having arguments to rules lawyers to general chaotic conversations over the DM. I offered that I could take over one of the sessions and she agreed. So I am left with a couple of questions:


Question 1

            I have unfortunately taken over the Evil side of the campaign… and I have never ever run an evil campaign… plus I am also the kind of DM that generally dislikes evil actions by players. Which is a problem and rightly so. I don’t want to screw the players over unnecessarily so the question is… could some please give me some advice as to how I should handle this? With all actions there are consequences… if you are a good party and you do something good, you get rewards, and the villain attention. How does this really translate to an evil party? What should be rewarding and what should be curbed? How should I handle the ‘I kill everyone in town because I am evil’ sort of players (I don’t think there are any in the player group but doesn’t hurt to have some information at hand)?


Question 2

            One of the players in this campaign, I am fairly certain, cheats… and this suspicion has been confirmed by the other players as well. He wants to switch his character over to a Mind Flayer with monster class levels from Savage Species (We are playing 10 ECL campaign). Now that I am a DM I have approval authority over the characters (the other DM has affirmed it). So my question is… Should I just take what is in the SS for the Mind flayer of should I be coming up with something on my own?


Thanks for all the help,