July 18th, 2009

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RPG Review Issue 4 Released

The fourth issue of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia and Editorialmany contributorsp2­-4
Hot Gossip: Industry Newsby Wu Mingship5-6
B. Dennis Sustare Interview & Articleby B. Dennis Sustarep7­-17
Sorcery & Demons and Mimesis Designer's Notesby Lev Lafayettep18-21
SLURPS for GURPSby Karl Brownp22-24
Age of Fable: Online Text-Based Roleplayingby James Hutchingsp25-27
RuneQuest Tribes of Eyahby Chris Gilmorep28-34
Spent Chambers, Empty Shells: A Feng Shui Westernby Kevin Powep35­-54
Youn Gods: Champions meets Dieties & Demigodsby Lev Lafayettep55-58
Star Trek XI Movie Reviewby Andrew Moshosp59-61
Lord Orcus Listens!by Steve Saundersp62-64
Next Issueby Many People!p64

[B2.0] - NERDS

Seeking advice on how to address different concepts of RPing

So, I started roleplaying on forums. I ran my own forum-based RPG all through middle school. When I think of a like... play-by-post roleplaying in a big game setting, that is what I think of, you know?

A while ago, after not being involved in roleplaying for years, I finally succumbed to all my friends' talk about Livejournal-based games they were a part of and joined a little journal-based RPG. Some of the vocabulary around some of these games (Pups? Muns?) was not what I was used to but it seemed to me to be the same sort of thing, when it came down to the actual... logging or whatever they call it, as the forum-based games I came from. Just with the little extra aspects that often come with journal games.

Apparnetly I wasn't entirely right.

A couple friends and I established our own journal-based RPG recently, and I'm finding that our assumptions of how these games work is different -- something we didn't even think was possible and so didn't realize when we put this game together.

From the other game I come from and my roleplaying history, the way it goes is player A makes a post. Player B responds to that post. They go back and forth, you know... and then if a Player C comes in, then A, B, and C trade off posting, all of their characters interacting.

From the games what has ended up being a majority of my players and other admins of mine come from (since most of them are friends -- and friends of my friends, which makes this more awkward for me), player A makes a post. Player B responds and in that thread those two characters interact. Then Player C comes and makes a new thread under that post, and Players A and C interact in their thread completely disregarding the existance of the A/B thread, and vice versa.

Everyone just... started posting that way in this game (it wasn't immediately evident as at first most of the posts were just involving two people), and when I brought it up to a friend of mine like what is this they said they had never heard of my experiences where multiple characters always interact with each other and they don't seem to understand why I would find the A/B and A/C way of playing at all strange or not logical (which is how I feel).

 Are there names for these styles of RPing, even? I'm not very familiar with different kinds of RPing outside my experience, and so far everyone I talk to seems to think, like I did, that how they've always done things is how everyone does things -- people involved in both styles think the other is some strange minority way of doing things.

So I need some advice. Even if I started this game and meant for it to be my ideal RPG setting, if majority of the people I've accepted are playing this way, should I abandon my ideas and conform to theirs (even if I don't like it)? Can these two concepts exist harmoniously somehow? Should I, as some people have suggested to me, tell everyone it's my way or the highway?
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