July 16th, 2009

Voodoo Dolly

Growing Fear

There's a thread on the White Wolf Forums called 'Creepy Images', little snippets for games to start creeping players out. I had a half-concept in mind, then my wife helped me finish it... so I posted it. I wanted to do it here, too, and see what kind of ideas the people here might get for different games.

You're inside your house on an apparently windy day. The wind outside is howling, and as you go about your business, you here a banging on the door. The man outside screams, "It's coming to get me! It's coming to get me, let me in!" You head downstairs, the wind growing louder and louder, shaking the windows and rattling the house. The noise is almost deafening as you get to the front door, the man's screams of terror ringing in your ears. Then the wind and the screams stop completely, leaving the place silent.

You open the door, and there's nobody there. You look up, and see the last vestiges of a tornado in the clouds, fading away.

The weirdness sticks with you for a little while, but you put it out of your mind for the next few days, until you notice light breezes about you, and small dust devils spinning from time to time around you. This isn't too bad, until as you go about your days outside, these little spinning vortexes approach, buffeting you, messing your hair.

And they start getting stronger, and the wind slowly starts to pick up...
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picky picky

Hi there,

Every six months or so I take a crack at finding some game with the following parameters:

1. play by post
2. primarily original characters
3. not fan based
4. main focus is not sex nor promoting alternative proclivities
5. features a reasonable chunk of 25+ aged writers

Thus far I've had little luck.
As a writer I'd love to use gaming as inspiration for my independent projects.
Suggestions or further discussion is terribly welcome.

-Please note, ad communities have reaped little reward.