July 10th, 2009

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Reality is stranger than fiction yet again...

Well not quite. I mean nature will never come up with monsters as stupid as some of the stuff in the Monstrous Compendium or the Fiend Folio. But it sure is capable of producing some oddities.

Like the armadillo-crocodile. Make it giant size, give it a flame breath, and maybe even some INT and spells and you have the perfect challenge for your next session.


Anyone else have a favourite real-world creature that serves as an interesting and exotic fantasy critter?

(I am also quite fond of the Demon Duck of Doom - go on, google it).

Sakhut of Ridge River, Desolation Character

One of the things I've been known to occasionally do is post up characters that I've created for rpgs that I really enjoy. One such game system is Desolation, a post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg from the folks at Greymalkin Designs.

Last Friday night, a friend of mine treated me for my birthday by starting a game of Desolation, and I am getting to play in it this evening again. I have posted the character I'm playing up to my blog page. You can see the character here...

Sakhut, Mongrel Primalist

I hope that folks like the character, and that it encourages some folks to look at the Desolation rpg at some point.
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