July 2nd, 2009

Tell me your thoughts on dice

I am currently playing with my dice at work and reading back posts on the comm - it's been a while since I've been here. And I wondered...

What is your favorite dice set or single die you can't do without?

For me, it's the solid pewter set that I picked up at Games Plus outside of Chicago some years ago. I have NO idea who made them (I need to go ask, because I am missing the D4 - Caltrop of DOOM, I called it - and need a replacement). But nothing beats that set for bringing the rumbly thunder of initiative, attack, and damage - and making pretend threats at the DM. :) They are SO heavy. The husband has actually asked me to roll them in a box rather than on the table/mat, as they leave dents.

(That D20 has given me more natural 20s for my Deva Invoker of Ioun, it's not even funny. And right when I need 'em too.)

For my husband, it's his TORG D20 that came with the boxed set. He will not play without it. EVER. Even if he doesn't actually use it for rolls during the game, it has to be present somewhere on the table. He's also terribly fond of the flame-colored set I picked up for him from the Chessex booth at GenCon a few years back.

Anyone else got favorites? If anything it'll give me something to shop for next time I hit the dice displays in my FLGS or online. :)
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