June 25th, 2009

Struggling with Star Trek

*blows air out nostrils in exasperation*

I am preparing a Star Trek rpg campaign and the existing Star Trek role playing systems have me pulling my hair out.

The old FASA system was clunky and a prime example of 1980's game theory whose headaches I don't need.

Decipher's CODA system, while being touted up and down as "very flexible" has what I call "hands dirty" flexibility. That means if you're willing to re-write stuff yourself it's all sorts of flexible (and BTW, so is any OTHER system. If yer willing to knock walls down in your house you can always have bigger rooms, but that doesn't mean the house is modular). There are also some aspects of the starship combat system that are disturbing

I have had some success in the past using the Last Unicorn Games ICON system, but there are even more problems with their ship combat system than the CODA one.

BOTH ICON and CODA are package oriented. This is done to save time I suppose and impose some order, but unfortunately it's too much order.

And as an added problem, the campaign I wanna run is very...how shall I say...UN-Trek. It's not set in any of the Show's eras and is predicated on the Trek universe as most would know it being torn to shreds.

That means the accepted Trek-Tropes ie: Starfleet Officer, Bellicose Klingon Warrior, Trill Diplomat, Greasy Ferengi Merchant, Vulcan Scientist, Betazoid Sensitive New Age Guy etc Don't exist....and of course the CODA and ICON system were both written to cater to those Tropes.

So...what should I do? Pick a system and re-write it? Try to find a "generic" system and use that? I can't stand GURPS and HERO is just too damn complex for my tastes. Systems like BESM and their ilk are a little TOO stripped down and ANYTHING to do with D20 makes me shout groceries.

So...what should I do? Am I being to fussy?

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Adapting Werewolf, nWoD

I'm looking to use the new World of Darkness system to run a game which will probably be lighthearted large-scale political werewolf action/adventure. A large part of the concept right now involves roaming around on the spirit plane and booting head. Trouble is, the nWoD version of Werewolf is too much about anger and too focused on pack-level stuff to work for me, and the various tribes/factions in Werewolf: the Forsaken aren't different enough to engage my interest.

Can someone point me to a conversion of Werewolf: the Apocalypse into nWoD? I've searched all over, and I'm baffled that I can't find this on the web.

Failing that, anyone want to talk about the essentials of nWoD and the essentials of W:tA so I can make sure to not miss anything as I bash together a conversion on my own?

Or, does someone think that one could strip all the color out of W:tF and just use the rules? Or are Changing Breeds or Skinchangers OK to handle rollicking adventure?
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Mongoose Babylon 5 RPG

In the back of my mind, I had a dim awareness that Mongoose Publishing's B5 licensing rights were expiring soon.  But today, Drivethrurpg sent an email warning that the entire game line was gone forever from their website as of July 1st.

I absolutely loved Babylon 5 when it aired, though I was a latecomer, and several years ago, finally managed to watch the entire series (plus the movies and Crusade).  I wasn't terribly impressed with the mechanics first edition of the Mongoose B5 RPG, but I didn't hate it (and to be fair, never had a chance to play or run it).  I did love the background information and campaign advice.

I'm rambling, so let me jump to the question.  Are the second edition B5 rulebooks and supplements worth purchasing?  If so, any ones particularly more useful or informative to focus on?  Does anyone even play this game anymore (not that a no to this has ever stopped my making an RPG purchase before!)?
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