June 21st, 2009

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Hello, folks.

I am selling a geek-related item on Ebay and I thought someone might be interested. If you are local to Madison and you purchase this item, the shipping would be waived because we could arrange pick-up.


30-Piece Modular Plaster Dungeon includes:

* Three 8" hallways with side-entrances
* Seven 6" hallways
* Four 3" hallways
* Two 1" hall connectors
* Three L-shaped corner hallways
* Three 5"x5" rooms (four-door)
* Two 5"x5" rooms (two-door)
* One 7"x5" room
* One 10"x7" room
* Two round rooms with window slots
* One straight stairwell
* One curved stairwell

Pieces are mounted on 1/4" high density particle board and formed in plaster of paris. All items are created with Hirst Arts molds, painted with multi-tone gray house paint and accented with dirty-looking dungeon floors. Please note that this was our first dungeon so some items are imperfectly pieced together. Because this dungeon is modular, many different dungeon layouts may be created using these pieces.

Happy shopping! 

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