June 16th, 2009

OMG! Pingu Kills!

Some questions...

I just started a new DnD game with a group of people that I don’t really know (I recently moved and found myself a new group).


While running I ran into an interesting problem:


Group of stalwart adventures set out to clear out a tomb infested with Kruthiks and the like. I had planned out four encounters for them and pretty much after every encounter one of the players would ask, “Do we find any loot?”… My response every single time, “Nothing beyond the mundane equipment from the dead bodies of the previous adventurers…” much to the players’ dismay, I suppose. Well in the fourth room there was a tomb… which immediately after that encounter finished one of the players suggested they crack it open to see if there was any loot inside. I told them it probably wasn’t a good idea to do something like that… but they didn’t really pay attention and opened it anyway. Took stuff, went back to the village of the quest origin, got their reward, and went on their merry way…


My question: How do I punish them without actually seeming to be a mean DM? This was the first session and also the fact that I don’t want to piss my players of to the point they leave the game… any suggestions?


Another thing:

I have been invited to play in a 3.5 DnD campaign in which the DM wants us to play monstrous creatures of ECL 5… I haven’t played 3.5 in a while… so I don’t remember much about the creatures in it. Any suggestions in this regard?

EDIT: 1) I tend to use the term "Character" and "Player" synomoulsy which seems to have created confusion as to why I want to punish my players... I don't I want to punish the characters for grave robbing.
2) I really like the idea of having a side quest/ Plot hook. Some of the ones suggested here were pretty good and I might end up using one of them.

Thank you for the input all.