June 14th, 2009

Voodoo Dolly

Move Object (Star Wars SAGA)

I'm in a new Star Wars campaign, playing a Jedi (we're all from an Academy), and I plan on making him a TK god in short order. The thing is, while I'm looking through the Force Powers for Move Object, I've noticed a few things which make me go 'huh?'

Well, DC 35 allows you to move a Colossal object. With a Destiny Point, you're moving a star base. Pretty snazzy, though it only does 16d6 damage to whatever you hit it with. I'm only Level 2, and In about two more levels I'll be able to survive the average roll you'll get from that kind of attack. With Unleashed, you're able to double the damage to 32d6. I can probably survive the average roll on this when I hit about Level 10.

The thing that gets me is... you're hitting one person with this. Just one.

In the Legacy Campaign Guide, there's a Talent which lets you smack a group if you're using a Size Large or more. The biggest listed is a 6 x 6 square (30 feet by 30 feet). There's a little side box about what happens if the object you're hitting people with won't break up -- specifically: 'it will take up space, and if someone is there, they're knocked out of the area, not provoking attacks of opportunity'.

Okay, so if I pull a low flying Star Destroyer down into a city, it's doing 16d6 to a single person (or 32d6), or if I've got the right Talent, I'm hitting 36 people if they're clustered together. Everyone else in the area are somehow thrown clear, letting it hit the ground and grind up the street without doing any further damage.



I honestly don't know whether to be annoyed, or very much amused. :)

Edit: For the most part, I'm on the what were they thinking? sort of mindset here. I'm not really going the well, the GM should fix this direction, nor am I going other such things. :) These are the rules as presented. If the GM wants to keep them as-is, I won't argue, and I'll play and enjoy myself. If the GM wants to tweak them, that's his choice, and I'll merrily go along with it. But still, I can't believe what they did. :D
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