June 3rd, 2009

The Standard

A Call for Help

It's been nearly a year since I created the Arcana Wiki. It started with my firm belief that inspiration for gaming could be found pretty much everywhere. And since I had already created a number of wiki projects, creating another wiki seemed obvious. Thus, I created the Arcana Wiki with the mission statement: "To become like the Wikipedia - if the Wikipedia was written by gamers, for gamers!"

That is to say, each entry contains both "factual information" - the kind of stuff you might find on a Wikipedia entry (though we tend to focus on the more interesting aspects of something instead of dry statistics) - and a "Game and Story Use" section where anyone can add adventure, story, and campaign ideas.

Take a look at the following entries to see some examples of how it works in practice: Arcology, Aufhocker, Centralia, Pennsylvania, Global Consciousness Project, Irondale Inn, Palimpsest, Pope Joan, Santa Muerte, The Gangs Of Old New York, and Transhumanism.

These are only a small number of samples - at the time of this writing, the wiki has more than 1,600 pages from almost any conceivable topic! Furthermore, it has also expanded into things not covered by the Wikipedia. For one thing, it has now a Trope Section, which attempts to convert the information found at the TV Tropes Wiki into something more suitable for gamers. For another, it provides summaries of and links to all sorts of news stories which contain inspirational material. See the entry for the year 2008 for a large number of example stories. Furthermore, we have used the wiki software to create a number of random generators useful for gaming - for Random Characters, Random Adventure Seeds, Random Crimes, and Random Animal Hybrids.

Still, there is a lot of material still not covered - and for that, we need help. We have three people who contribute new material on a fairly regular basis, and a number of occasional contributers - and we'd like to see more of both. So, what kind of stuff could you contribute to the Wiki?

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Admittedly, that's a lot of material to digest. But if you want to jump right in, do the following: Browse the Arcana Wiki, and when you discover an entry you like, try to think of additional adventure ideas, hit the "edit" button at the bottom of the page, and add your ideas. Take a look at the existing formatting, and you will learn the conventions of the Arcana Wiki in no time. I've enabled anonymous edits, so you don't even need to register at the wiki to add new materials (though you should do that, if you want bragging rights for your material...).

Anyone interested in helping us out?