June 1st, 2009

Voodoo Dolly

Lovely RP Quote

Two people are talking with a vampire from a realm 'connected' to their realm. The vampire is trying to be reasonable, while the two governors are trying to explain the threat of the 'invading' realm, and explaining how they have to destroy it.
Caitlin: Vampire. Alynna: Governor whose nation borders the 'vampire realm'. Kersi: Head Judge and de-factor leader of the nation.

Alynna yerfs, "They were stable before, until this Plume house started stretching them. The damage will be fully reversed if it is to be partially reversed. If you want to save your people, evacuate the region. To be quite blunt, no-one is going to shed a tear if we raze Shademire to the ground, this warning of action being taken *is* an act of diplomacy."

Caitlin smiles, "Well, then you remove the people weakening the domain." She continues to paint, looking at the pair play 'good cop, bad cop', and smiles a little more. "So, let me see how this goes. You wish almost two million people to enter Kith Kanaan, which can only be done on a new moon, mind you, and wait for you to destroy their homes, their livestock, their art and accomplishments, on the hopes you will magically succeed in sealing the gate to a realm which has existed for hundreds of years, and then you will magically create us a new nation, where we must build everything from the ground up, and hope we have our farms and fields prepared before winter? Am I certain I am hearing right?"

Kersi grumbles softly. "Alynna, you're not allowed to be near diplomats anymore..."

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