May 29th, 2009

Gaming Conventions, How Often?

Something that I've been contemplating of late is gaming conventions. Sure, there are the big ones like GenCon Indy and Origins, but there are all these other, smaller gaming conventions out there as well. Add to that the fact that exposure and promotion at gaming conventions seems to be a means by which game companies believe that their games will sell more, and that raises the question that comes to mind.

How many gaming conventions do you go to per year?

I've put the poll up on my blog. I'd be interested to hear folks' thoughts on this, so any and all comments on the subject are welcome. :)
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gold phoenix book

books and boxes for sale!

Hello! Someone suggested to me that you fine folk might appreciate the books and boxes I create that seem to work really well with RPGs, with the books serving as planning / mapping / GM books (excuse me if I use the wrong term, I don't actually roleplay myself, just have friends who do :) ) and the boxes are an excellent size for dice and other game pieces, as well as decks of cards. If I may provide some examples of what makes these artworks relevant to your interests:

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More stuff for sale in this post whee!
Other examples:

The books I currently have are artist-quality white blank pages but I have in the past done lined page books and graph paper books, as requested :)

Email me: hawklion at hotmail dot com if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a custom commission :D Or ask in this post, I am happy to chat away!

Cheers! ^_^

p.s. I hope this post is okay, I checked the guidelines which suggested ad posts were okay but I'm not sure where my stuff falls into besides technically commercial and therefore an ad :)
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