April 29th, 2009

What would you use this for...Part 3.

Okay, so, I wanna try something a little different this time:

Generally speaking when I am looking for music for my games I stream what I find into two general categories. The first is Atmospheric - that which can create a mood. The second is action or combat music. Now that is not to suggest that a piece of music cannot be used for both because I have discovered several over the years that can - and sometimes action or combat music can also create a mood in its own wright if used at the correct place. But generally speaking I use those two categories and they work for me.

So, I figure that from now on I will offer up two pieces of music for your consideration - one that I consider to fall into each category. If this is something you dislike, please say so and I will go back to one piece per week.

H'okay, so, on to the first piece - Atmospheric stuff:

This song is called Adiemus from the band of the same name. I like it a lot though oddly enough I have never been able to use it in any of my games thus far because it has an epic, over the top feel that just doesn't suit every game. Or am I wrong?

I find a lot of newer, more pop-like music tends to suit action and combat scenes well. This one is an 80's offering from a band that's long drifted into obscurity called A Flock of Seagulls. The song itself recently enjoyed renewed popularity when it was used on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City. I tend to use it any time I need speed without the frenetic qualities of some of the other songs that are good for that. It's like riding a tour bike instead of a rice rocket.

So, what do you think? What would you use these songs for, if anything?