April 22nd, 2009

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Searching for some DMs

I'm heading up a local RPG community event thing ( http://meetup.com/TucsonRPG/ ). One of the problems we're having is we get a lot of people showing up to our events to play D&D, but we have very few people willing to run D&D events. We get plenty of people wanting to run World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, and indie rpgs, but we don't have the DM supply for the D&D demand.

One of the things I'm trying to do is come up with a poll I'm going to send out to all my members (over 240 people on our mailing list, approximately 10% show up to our main monthly event). The question is basically "Why aren't you running a game?" (probably written more like "I would like to run a game at your events, but...")

I'm looking for short answers to that question. Things like:

"I don't have time to prep anything."
"I don't think I would be a good enough DM."
"I would be nervous about running a game."
"I don't know the rules well enough."

We're going to use this poll for an upcoming workshop focused on teaching people how to run RPGs and how to improve their games. I'm trying to find areas where we want to focus. The answers above focus on time management and improvisation, confidence building, and rules knowledge.

I'm looking for any additional possible answers in the same vein.


Edit: I'm only looking for possible answers to offer on the poll right now. In other words, things that may help explain why we haven't been getting a big turn out for DMs.