April 16th, 2009

Shadow person

Work Out The Math ...

... or why I have to knock White Wolf books on the head.

Here's the situation.

Current earnings - £60 a week benefit.

The smallest White Wolf book - £25.

Rail fare - £14.

And there's no sign of any of the above figures going down, except the current earnings bit.

So you see, no matter how pretty a book, no matter how essential it is to buy them, for me ownership of these tomes is going to have to become optional.

Even Immortal Sinners, Ancient Bloodlines, Ancient Mysteries and Danse Macabre.

Yup, even the Vampire books.

They're too expensive for the market these days, these books. Far too expensive. The exchange rate's got to improve, or there'll be nobody to buy these books, and then things will get very bad for the publishers. Don't blame me. Blame Adam Smith. It's his supply vs. demand formula, after all.

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