April 8th, 2009

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  • katlyn

Dave Arneson

I've been tracking this in my personal journal for several days now, ever since I heard the news that my favorite game designer of all time, Dave Arneson, was admitted to the hospital on Sunday.


It APPEARS that, even though there were false reports that he had passed away earlier this week, that Dave may no longer be with us. I wish there was a good way to confirm or deny this fact, but the internet being what it is, and anonymous, there's no way to truly do so. (Edit: People have pointed me to the DorkTower site. Perhaps I was just hoping for a press release, not word-of-mouth. But thank you; I appreciate the information.)

I've been crying about this for days now, and I will probably continue to cry about this for a while. His work gave structure to what, at age 9, was just another way to play Dress Up and Make Believe. He was kind to me once upon a time and granted me an interview for a school paper when I was a freshmen in highschool. Recently, when I was putting together a military outfit for a club night, I squealed in glee when I found the nametag "ARNESON" and bought it immediately and wore it that night with geeky pride.

I can barely type right now, actually, and I wish I could tell him how I feel. I'll be in mourning for a while.

Thank you for the last 23 years, Dave. Thank you for helping make me who I am today.