April 7th, 2009

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RPG Review Issue 3: Mouse Guard, Houses of the Blooded, AD&D for Middle Earth ....

RPG Review Issue #3 has just been made available.

It includes reviews of Mouse Guard and Houses of the Blooded, designer's notes for Fire & Sword, Summerland and Gulliver's Trading Company, an interview with Steve Long, the use of classic AD&D scenarios in a Middle-Earth campaign, a Paranoia scenario and a GURPS Bunnies & Burrows easter special scenario "Return to Druid's Valley" (derived from Different Worlds issue #3), Sexuality in Blue Planet, a rewrite of the core mechanics for Palladium, QADS; a complete roleplaying system, an RPG crossword puzzle and, of course, more friendly advice from Orcus.

As usual we're looking for new authors, articles, artists or suggestions for the same. We also now offer subscribers (which is free), 'trading space' on the RPG Review website for second-hand games etc. As usual clubs, societies etc may also put up a blurb gratis.

Adventure Writing Competition

6d6 Fireball, a proto-games company I run with my friend Rob (WINOLJ), are having an adventure writing competition aimed at getting unpublished writers published.

The full details of the 6d6 Fireball Adventure Writing Competition can be found on the web site:

The headlines are -

Write D&D 3.5 or System Neutral adventure and send it in.

We publish the best ones in a module and sell it

100% of the profits goes back to the published writers as payment

The competition is aimed at writers who have never been published before so this offers a real chance to be published and start your career as an RPG writer. Who knows, you might be the next Monte Cook (not that there is anything wrong with the old one).

To help new writers, we are offering a feedback service. Send us your outlines or draft versions and we will provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the adventure.

The deadline is short (less than six weeks away).

There is a parallel competition for semi-pro / previously published writers.