April 5th, 2009

  • xuenay

System design grab-bags

At some point, I got the idea of making a list of all kinds of game mechanics used in different games. This way, system designers looking for an inspiration could always browse it through to see if it caused them to come up with anything good. Also, neat mechanics used in obscure games could spread faster and not just be confined to a single game.

I've made two versions of this list. http://www.xuenay.net/Rope/Grab-bag.pdf has the short version, which lists all kinds of different mechanics but doesn't say anything about what they mean. For somebody just looking for inspiration, that alone may be sufficient.

http://www.xuenay.net/Rope/Grab-bag_long.pdf is longer, and has actual explanations for what the different terms mean. Well, explanations for part of them, as I haven't yet written descriptions for nearly all of them. (You can help me out here!) There are also some explicit game design challenges scattered there, ones that I came up while writing it.

If anybody comes up with interesting mechanics that you'd like to see included, feel free and tell me. :)