April 3rd, 2009


Discussion point (OWoD & Freebies)

A friend of mine and I were discussing how to stat "more experienced" PCs(edit) at chargen in OWoD. His method was to just add more Freebies. I found that when I just added more Freebies, players maxed out Merits and took higher Attributes & Mystical Abilities (Disciplines, Gifts, Arts, etc). I found the pure more freebies option led to PCs that had more mystical stuff, and better "base pools" from Attributes, but still couldn't drive better than a teenager, use a computer beter than a 12 year old, understand science better than a 6th grader, or knew how to handle themselves in combat any better than average joe. In a nutshell, players ignored Abilities because you get more bang for your Freebie buck spending them elsewhere. To me, yes, a "more experienced" PC would have better base attributes and mystical powers, but the real difference is more Abilities. As such, I don't give more freebies for "more experienced" PCs, I give a minor to modest bump to starting Attributes (7/6/4 for example), a little extra Mystical Ability, but am very generous with the extra Abilities.

Anyone else ever done something like this or am I a Lone Nut?