April 2nd, 2009


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A month or two back, I posted a link to a self-written system inspired by The Returners and the Zodiac RPGs, set to capture the world of Final Fantasy. I've had over a dozen groups email me to let me know that they're using and enjoying the system, and I never expected such popularity. The version posted here still had a ton of kinks to work out, and I've spent the last month replying to people by linking them the download address for the updated system. I wanetd to post it here a second time, just to ensure there's nobody else trying to make heads or tails of the previous release.
Sorry if this comes across as a shameless self-promotion, that's not my intent, and you won't see it here again. =P

The Final Fantasy Tabletop RPG



I'm planning on running a Shadowrun 4e game soonish, the PCs are genned and I have the basics sorted (at least in my mind).

One of the characters decided to take the Amnesia negative quality (read flaw) at the highest level which means that they know NOTHING about their character at start of play and actually got me to gen them up a character. Obviously some details are going to come out very quickly...like race for example:), but others may well take a while.

I've got some ideas about how I might handle the flaw in play, but I'm interested as to experiences and ideas others might have on the subject too...any thoughts? Doesn't have to be directly related to Shadowrun.

Multiple RPGs versus One Game Campaigns

I've been roleplaying for somewhat over 30+ years now, and have a question for folks.

One of the things that happens in gaming groups that play rpgs is that players and the GM may want to play different systems at different times. This is balanced out by the desire on the part of players (and GMs) to play long-term campaigns (lasting more than six months of real time, and sometimes going for years) of one system.

My question is: How do folks balance out the desire to play different game systems with the notion of playing one rpg for a long-term period of time?

And what is the longest running campaign of an rpg that you've run, and what game was it?

Okay, that was two questions. :)
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