March 28th, 2009

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[After a back and forth train journey, I managed to get to the club to continue my game of Dark Heresy. My lateness meant that we could get in couple of hours’ worth of play before I had to get home. The real bad news was that Stew was not able to make it, so between us, Sarge and I played him.]

I am running “Shattered Hope,” the demo scenario made available before the actual game was released. I only have a cast of three, the ex-Guardsman Ferrus (played by Sarge), the Adept Zaddion Cortez (Mike, a new player), and Arbiter Klightus (Stew), so was prepared to reduce the threat that they faced in the Gorgonid Mines. In this second session, it turned out that this was necessary, as together they managed to survive facing a hulking ham fisted mutant and a plague demon without taking any damage!! All thanks to Ferrus’ judicious use of lasgun bursts, which managed to burn the flesh off the mutant, the layers sloughing off in fatty piles at its feet (Sarge managed a damage roll of 34!). I managed to some really bad rolls that meant that not a single character was hit.

The trip into the far reaches of the mines was arduous, both Ferrus and Klightus nearly falling into the depths after slipping down a crevasse caused by tremor that dropped the passage down several meters. Ferrus did get a bloody nose though! All of the trio were affected by the noxious vapours in the Chaos infected sub-section known as “The Shatters,” which made breathing and every action a little awkward. Signs of a struggle and a massacre were everywhere, pools of congealed blood and gobbets of rent flesh, some of it still in the uniforms of the guardsmen victims.

Ferrus was deafened though in the first fight. He froze at the sight of the mutant creature that they subsequently discovered to be Hastus, missing friend of the recruit Jurtz, whom they meet shortly after landing. Whilst the Mutant-Hastus flailed wildly at Ferrus, he stood shocked still and it took a shotgun blast from Klightus past his head to get him to act. Proceeding further into the Shatters, Klightus was the one that noticed a throbbing pink glow in the distance down the central corridor, and rather than exploring the side passages, Ferrus decided to lead the trio in that direction.

At the end of the corridor, they enter a small cave complex and follow the pink light to be confronted by a great stone running from floor to ceiling and pulsating in a sickening lavender hue. Almost in response to the trio’s approach, the stone pulsates and all three are held in thrall to its ghastly light. In particular, Ferrus felt his head tighten, but the others merely blanched at the sight. Worse was to come as the stone appeared to bulge and then it spit forth a bloated and malformed, horny headed creature of the Warp, its skin shining with excrescence. It seemed unsteady on its feet, rusty blades held ready and its single milky white holding them with an unknowable regard.
Arbiter Klightus had never seen the like and fled back out of the cave complex, knowing only that he wanted to get as far away as possible. The breaking of his resolve was too much for Cortez who followed in his wake, but only as far as the start of the corridor, as he could hear Ferrus’ stiffened resistance -- resistance backed up by steady bursts of cleansing lasgun fire. Nethertheless, Cortez shouted after Klightus, running to catch him and calm his nerves. The Adept’s progress was blocked by two mutants that boiled out of a corridor -- one that they failed to check earlier -- to confront him, as another two mutants chased down the fleeing Arbiter.