March 27th, 2009

A Time Travel Game

Hey Guys:

If you were writing a game about Time Travel, not using one that existed already but making it up fresh, would you think it was better (not EASIER per se, but better) to use our world as we know it now or make up a completely new one?

Or perhaps would you want to use our world but tweak it somewhat.  I myself am leery of this third option because IMO NO Time Travel game is worth its salt without the understanding that Time Travel is also possibility travel and thus OUR world would be in there someplace chapter and verse.

The reason I ask is because IMO using our world and our history could cause some problems in this new era of cultural sensitivity and political correctness.  Certain historical events could cause a lot of trouble if explored too closely and - sadly - too factually.  A new world could have its own everything and be claimed a work of fiction and thus bearing no likeness to any real persons or places here or gone and so forth.

What thinks ye?