March 26th, 2009

Strike Beard!

4th Edition Convention Style Game

I have a lot of complaints from the groups that I play in about 4th edition lacking the high fantasy aspect that the previous editions allowed.  A lot of those who are most vocal seem to say that 4th edition is just a table top computer game. 

Well, with that, drawing upon inspiration from one of my favorite "table top computer games,"  Frag, I altered slightly the rules for 4th edition to make for, what I would think, could be a fun convention style game.

Right now it is untested, and I'm looking for some feedback on the concept as written, and see if there is anything I may need to tweak.  Because if all goes well, I can start hosting this game at Origins or Gencon.

You can find the full write up here:

Thanks :)
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Underwater 3.5

I've been asked to run an underwater 3.5 campaign. The players want to be merpeople. I've never played underwater before, let alone ran it. I don't mind running, but I could use some advice. I was thinking about sunken ships and curses and haunted people. But I don't know what resources to use exactly. I've looked in Fiend Folio and the Monster Manual. It's supposed to just be a fun, laid back game, but I'm really stressing about it because I don't want it to be completely lame. I'm great with land campaigns, but for some reason I'm worried about running things underwater. Has anyone else had experience with this kind of world? What are some things I should take into consideration and look out for as the DM?