March 24th, 2009

The gaming prompt

(x-posted from my LJ)

We've been in a minor gaming rut here at the Keeper home. Gaming has become slightly like work: when it comes time to game, we seem to discover that the cat needs dusting or the balcony needs to be vacuumed. When we have trouble getting our creative juices flowing prior to NaNoWriMo, we take a few writing prompts from various sources and write some ficlets, just to get in the habit of putting words on paper (or computer screens). So we've come up with a variation on the theme for gaming. It's a simple system(ours uses three people):

1) Each person gets tagged by two others
2) Tagger 1 names a game system
3) Tagger 2 names a thematic elements: this can be an item, a set of words, a genre - this elements must be integrated into the story somewhere.

For example: My beloved bride will be writing an Eberron adventure that uses the phrase "Queen of the Night." Our darling boy must write a 7th Sea adventure including the notion of "Dogs of War." Finally, I am writing a Serenity story that must include a broken picture.

A few additional rules:
- Power Level and Setting must be established within 48 hours.
- Characters are due 4 days after that.
- You get a total of 2 weeks to write the adventure - 1 week without PCs and 1 week with.
- Each adventure should run no more than four hours.

I've heard stories of rotating GMs and the like - what do you do to break out of gaming ruts?