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Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Raising Money for the Herbers: http://tinyurl.com/bkpdlg
If you can, it would be nice, and it really does not have to be a huge amount.
Nor does it have to be a huge amount, it is much the thoughts attached to the pledge that counts.

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4:44p - Oneshot Adventures
I'd like help with the pre-game setup involved in one-shot adventures.

I'm a game system collector. My bookcase is filled with All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Cthulhu, Exalted, Floating Vagabond, Deadlands, Five Rings, Munchkin, Abberant, and so much more.

The trouble is, my gaming group sticks almost exclusively to DnD 3.5 and oWoD Werewolf. It's mind-numbing, and I'd like to treat my attention-deficit group to a sampling of other systems. You know, broaden our horizons a bit.
I finally settled on the idea of the 'Weekly Oneshot' - show up, make a character, play a quick module, eat some pizza, have some fun, and call it a night.

The trouble I've bumped into, of course, is the sheer amount of time it takes to express the system's basic rules to my players (try explaining Exalted in under an hour!), as well as character creation. I suppose I could dole out pre-generated sheets, but I think that would take a big chunk of the fun out of it.

Has anyone attempted a similar undertaking, or have any words of advice? I'm currently leaning to give each game system two sessions apiece, but  I wish I had a better idea.

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