February 25th, 2009


Nerd Bloggers

 I blog for a website called Blerker.com.  A blogging website dedicated to nerds like us.  They are looking for people who want to blog about new and upcoming RPG's.  Let me know if your interested. 

Battle Maps

I was wondering if there were any online services or ways to have a battlemap for a Play-By-Post game that preferably didn't require downloads or everyone to be online simultaneously. I've considered "draw the map in GIMP, post to photobucket, link, update pic when battlemap changes" but that seems kind of complicated.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Deadly dragon? (d20v3.5)

My PCs are currently 8th level, and in about a level, at level 9, after handling an army more or less, they will be fighting a dragon. Mature adult white dragon, to be exact.

For one, they know about it, a whole feat ahead.
Two, they have henchmen: L6 wizard, L6 infantry fighters (2x), and a L3 rogue.
Three, they plan to lure it into a mine, which I will allow to work to make it more reasonable a combat.

Will this kill them?

Any thoughts, ideas, inspirations?