February 17th, 2009

Brainstorm after a dream

Hi there fellow roleplayers, this is my first post here, I joined two days ago.  And boy, I got a weird story to tell you.

Yesterday, when I was taking a little afternoon sleep, I had this crazy dream about a brand new fantasy world that I could make. The most interesting part was, that the whole thing was like some kind of a documentary, I mean introducing the land, the races, all of it. So after I woke up, I started to write down every part that I remembered like crazy. So... my very first RPG (world setting AND system) was finished three or four months ago if my memory serves me right, but I still didn't got the chance to gather my party to test if it is good enough to play more than once or not. And now all of a sudden a completely new idea shows up... a dream, which is "telling" me all the things I need to create this whole new world. In some ways it is very like the previous one: more wilder atmosphere, barbarian cultures, which I realy like, so I have no problems with it. Yet, it arrived all too quickly and I do not know what to do about it. For all I know, maybe it is an idea with a lifetime of three days, but if it isn't then it still can be useful as "Plan B" if my former world fails (I hope this will not happen). What do you think is the best I could do? Should I go for it, and write some more about this new setting while I have all my memories about it, or wait untill I see the how the players like the game on my previous world?

PS.: I will gladly tell more about this deam- setting, or the previous one: the Hidden World, in my next post, if you are interested. :)
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