February 14th, 2009


Story So Far (Mage:TA)


Hullo, my friends! My first post here is a detailed look at my old Mage: the Ascension campaign. This was written, and partially run, quite some time ago, well before the new WoD plotlines, but I think people here will recall the little rules and background info they need to understand this outline of the campaign.


The last bit is a player handout I wrestled with for days. It’s a dream sequence that Shanna has while resting on the mesa before attempting the mountain pass. I wanted it perfect, a dream hitting all the keynotes of her character background, her world, her past and her mystic development. I had a bunch of wicked plans in mind for all my PCs, but Shanna really got attention because her player (a man) had worked very hard on a decent history, something difficult as he had never played Mage before. (And I had never run it before, so we had something in common…!) When I came to the point of actually giving him the handout, he expected there to be more to the dream, to play out an interaction with the dream NPC- but I refused him, saying unless he had some special skill at lucid dreaming, the dream ends here! So what does he do? Ends up putting XP into Dream, with a specialty of … Lucid Dreaming!


Ahhh… The sweet feeling of Storytelling success!


Please let me know what you think about this story, comments welcome! Old Mage gamers may wish to amuse themselves with guessing games about what’s really going on here... 

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