February 11th, 2009

runechild (Arcana Evolved)

Visual white dragon.

Hi. Life's been good, and so I finished the white dragon illustration much later than I planned.

This is a fourth attempt of creating a visual monster layout (see previous works in dedicated gallery). I intentionally took a hard task of fitting a true dragon on one sheet, but managed to fit only 4 of 12 age categories on two sheets. Now I know the limits. Myself, I like the result %)

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I looking for opinions and criticism, especially in comparison to the bulette. I want to know if the changes were for good. Also, I have doubts about the wording of flavor text.
Thanks in advance.

The next try will be kobolds, I'll try to show their culture as well as stats.

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Random discussion

So my friends and I finally got around to watching the movie Wanted.

Being gamers, we of course started talking about what system would be the most fun to mimic the skills and feel of the movie.

My vote was a modified Old World Of Darkness Mage.

Feel free to discuss.
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Does anyone have any strong opinions, one way or the other, on RunePunk? Full of fun, or full of fail? Things you loved? Things to watch out for? Do you own it but never played it?

A friend tossed me the book last night as a potential game to start up, and in my brief flip-through I came out ambivilent. While I've perused a few reviews, I'd rather get the info from my most trusted source... you guys. If I get no answers, that will be answer enough. ;}

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the answer is 42?

Another off-the-beaten track idea, inspired in part by Umberto Eco, Monty Python and Douglas Adams, but mostly by my own musings.

Have you run a game or played in one where there's a prophecy that everyone is worried about and it turns out to be not entirely on the mark? I imagine a situation where the villains are known to be working towards some long-foretold Day of Doom, but when the characters start digging around, they find that the villains are erally running around helter-skelter. It turns out the villains are a bit uncertain about some particulars of the prophecy. Not because they're hiding the information (although that could be an easy mistake to make), but because the Doomsday prophecy actually doesn't say, or is particularly vague, or the prophet was killed in the midst of his revelation and never finished what he was saying, or that part of the ancient tablet was worn away completely... So the villains are having to try out different things to make it work, or get something remotely approximating a Day of Doom.

Or vice versa. A hero could have been foretold to battle some dread foe, but the characters find out that no one really knows what the hero should be doing, and Fate isn't nudging them along helpfully. Or they don't have all of the pieces of the broken sword of So-and-so that will slay the foe, because a piece got misplaced and no one, not even the dread foe, knows what happened to it, and the characters have to see if something else will do. Maybe there's another legendary weapon that will do the job, or there's another prophecy to try, or another hero who can be pulled in for the job.