February 5th, 2009


Free system pdf! Whee!

Just over a year ago today I had found myself lamenting that The Returners RPG, which was an attempt to capture the Final Fantasy universe in a dice-based system, had such difficulty converting from the mIRC format (for which it was designed) to a fast-paced tabletop game that one could sit down and play in the evenings with friends...and without a calculator.

So I sat down and developed my own system, which has grown larger and larger as the months passed. This is my first attempt at such an undertaking, and I'm sure it's not without a myriad of faults. Still, I'm proud.

For those interested in perusing and maybe even playing a Final Fantasy tabletop game, the FFRPG System is available for download here.

(Link updated with an edited version, in which many errors have been fixed)

It is a virus-free 6.32 MB .pdf document that represents close to twelve months of hard work - though, in truth, it was a labor of love.

Not all images contained within the FFRPG book have been properly credited, and it's a work in progress to remove all works for which permission has not been explicitly granted for use.

I welcome all criticisms, compliments and death threats, and an email to reach me directly is enclosed in the pdf.

Despite my general lurky status, this community has been an endless source of inspiration to me, and I'd like to extend a special thank-you to inscrutable and tashiro for raising discussions that, in the end, have made me a better DM, a better player, and a better gamer.


I'm starting a new campaign -- GURPS Alternate History Superhero with a touch of In Nomine. The characters are a soap opera star, two navy SEALS, a ferry operator, and a dog handler for the police.

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