January 26th, 2009


Handling nWoD Preludes Efficiently

This is a problem I've run into when running a game online, especially World of Darkness ones: I have a group of PCs who don't know each other at the start, but will meet after what is meant to be a short, individual prelude.   What often happens is that one person's finishes well before everyone else's, at least one person will go at a much slower pace, and in the end, I wind up losing momentum and interest.

I've toyed with making the preludes public so that everyone is up to speed.  My reservation is that this robs the prelude of some of its impact.   I also have started everyone as already knowing each other and fleshing out relationships more completely during play, which works fine as far as getting the game started.  But this definitely removes the impact of an individual introduction to the malevolently supernatural. 

That said, the Hunter: the Vigil game I plan to start will be a sort of joint prelude in that the first adventure will have the PCs clueless about the supernatural, encounter very real and threatening evidence of it, and take up the Vigil by the end (well, they'd better anyway, otherwise it'll be a very short campaign!).  But that doesn't work as well for a Vampire or Changeling game, so any advice is very much welcome!
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Hey all! I am new to this community, and am a rather new GM. I'd like to know if anyone could reccomend good post-apocalyptic systems. I'm talking like Tank Girl or Mad Max type stuff. I really want to run something like this.

Thanks! And sorry if this has been asked before.

ETA: Thanks for all the tips! I think my plan is to loosely use GURPS and then implement my own setting.