January 24th, 2009

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Sometimes, I Love My Players

So we'll be playing 4E Shadowrun online very shortly. The players have access to the Runner's Companion, and one of my players love doing silly, game-breaking stuff with any new rules they get a hold of. I tolerate this, because it helps me learn some of the mechanics right damn quick. Well, tonight is no exception.

The player's looking at the 'adjustable Lifestyle' rules, and at the positive and negative qualities you can get. He gave me a list... 24 points of negative qualities, allowing his character to have a luxury lifestyle for 0 build points.

Black Hole (-4)
Haunted (-4)
Household Gremlins (-3)
Lax Security (-2)
No Forwarding Address (-1)
No Privacy (-3)
Pest Magnet (-3)
Sprite Magnet (-3)
This Isn't Bob's Auto (-1)

I was going through the list, 'okay... okay... okay'... until I got to no privacy.
Then it struck me.

The character is given the house by some strange person, a free house. Luxury lifestyle. The characters move in, amazed and happy. And then the weird stuff happens. Off and on, they get the strange and unusual events happening in their home. Nothing too dangerous, but still strange, disturbing, unusual. The characters have to deal with these from time to time, but in general it is just worth the fact they've a near-free Luxury lifestyle.

The reason?
They're on a Reality TV Show, with millions of matrix-dwellers watching and laughing, a 24-hour feed to everything happening to them when they're inside. Their true identities are concealed with matrix technology, thus allowing them to go on Shadowruns and such without getting screwed over, but they're otherwise internet celebrities (ergo the No Privacy).

The player (and my wife who is also playing) thought that was insanely funny, and quite appropriate. I'm just horribly amused. :)
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Run a Game?

Does anyone here live in the Western MA/CT/MA area that may want to either run/demo a game at a game store or run/demo a game at Pi-Con in August (we need to start recruiting now)..Pi-Con is western ma's largest sci fi/fantasy convention

comment here or email if interested.