January 17th, 2009


What to do, what to do...

I play a nobleman, Terim Andomarr, in a FR campaign. My fellow PCs are a Jovic (demon who has been subjected to santify the wicked spell) named Jovic, and a human female crusader of Tyr named Megan. In and out of game, Jovic and I are cool. We've gamed together for more than five years, so we know each other, and can work together.
Megan, however, is another story.  LJ-cut for those who don't wish to see all the gory details.

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With all this being said, I guess my main question is: How would you deal with this guy? I have the GM's word Megan will only be involved in the next ten to twelve game sessions, until this game goes to a one-on-one. I'm not giving up on the game or the character.

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