January 15th, 2009

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My group finally (and I do mean *FINALLY!*) finished up the Shackled City adventure path. It was an interesting adventure set, but I don't think my GM had the time, or experience, to really make it 'fun' esp towards the end (when it felt much more grueling).

Anyway, we are starting a new campaign, set in the Realms. My husband has taken over DMing duties and isn't running from a preset adventure. He has asked people what they would like to see in the new game.

It came out that one of the players (the former Wizard, and now Healer), feels that she has missed out on some 'iconic' D&D stuff. Her first exposure to D&D was a terrible one, and then we ran through the Shackled City which all of the experienced players felt was missing a lot of the iconic stuff. Even the former rogue (now Paladin) feels like she hasn't played a lot of iconic stuff.

Some of the things we've come up with that are iconic:
Mind Flayers.
Facing a Red Dragon (which we did).
Deck of Many Things.
Facing a God (which we kind of did).
Beholders (which we did).

There were more, but that was just a short list (and what I could remember). There were a handful of other monsters as well.

But what do you think should be included in an Iconic type of game? This is 3.5, not 4, but I don't think that should matter much.