January 14th, 2009


Alternate death and dying house rules for D&D 3.5e

I had a bout of insomnia last night, and in the sleepless caffeine-induced haze of 4 AM I compiled this list of alternate rules regarding death in 3.5e D&D. There may be typos and logical inconsistencies I haven't worked out quite yet, and these rules have not yet been playtested. The concept was to make the line between being perfectly fine and dead larger in 3.5e, and add the concept of a dramatic death scene or a miraculous comeback feasable under an actual ruleset. Also, Raise Dead becomes more of a "bring a character back from the edge of death" rather than being an actual resurrection. Spells that are changed from their original form are Raise Dead and Gentle Repose.

Any constructive comments are appreciated, such as how to improve this, or if something simply doesn't make sense and needs clarification. Just because it works in my head doesn't mean the words on paper translated the concept I envision correctly.

I have made some edits, based on comments and things that I thought needed clarifying otherwise.

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